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Maintenance & Repair


The importance of maintaining real property cannot be overstated.


Investors count on you to make sure their investments are protected and function-able. This means keeping a sharp eye out for potential water damage, safety and health issues that may arise on the property.


Particularly with out of state, passive investors, it is important for them to feel like they never have to worry about these things.


We're here to help you provide that value to them!

Not all maintenance is necessary, but it does make the space more functional.


It's frustrating when things don't operate as the should.


For instance, having to fight to open and close a door due to swelling, or it just doesn't seem to latch properly, or faucet that just won't stop dripping.


These may be thing that cause otherwise long-term tenants to find somewhere else to live. Andy's Handy Services is more than happy ease these situations for your client, understanding the importance of a quality repair or replacement at the lowest cost possible.



Some routine maintenance items include:


-Checking for missing shingles, replacing missing or install all new

-Making sure gutters and leaders are clear (perhaps twice per year)

-Check to ensure grading is continually moving water away from the house

-Check that the outside window caulking (more common with replacements) is not worn and cracked

-Replace air handler filters (perhaps twice per year)

-Check smoke and CO detectors for replacement, change batteries

-Change refrigerator water filter as needed (if applicable)

-Clean/ Replace smoke screen on range hood

-Pressure wash concrete, gutters, siding, and fencing

-Reseal wooden decks, fencing, and railings

-Ensure proper plumbing winterization where freezing temperatures might occur.

-Repair broken/ brittle insect screen on storm & patio doors as well as windows

-Ensure yard space is code compliant to your specific locale.

-Inspect for loose steps and railings

-Check for buckling walkway/ cracks (or other trip hazards around the Property

Not everything that's broken belongs in the landfill


Andy's Handy Services can repair a great deal of things. Contact us today and see how we might be able assist.

Improvements & Rehab

For Resale or Rental?


When flipping a property for capital gains, or rehabbing for rental; it is important to understand that improvements must be considered differently for both.


A good approach to renovating a rental is to have a real estate agent provide comparison properties in the area with similar value. See how much they're renting for, and what's inside. A decent goal would be to meet or slightly beat, the value provided by the higher rents so that your clients also can gather similar income without adding more expenses than necessary.


On a flip, also receive comparison's for the targeted After Repair Value. This should greatly assist in the decision making process for such things as whether or not granite or laminate counter-top would be the best approach for the area the property is located in, or how much tiling should be expected in the bathrooms, etc.


Before the improvement process however, all necessary repairs should be made a priority!



How can we add value to your client's property today?


Andy's Handy Services, and their network of highly qualified contractor vendors; can provide a full line of options to meet your needs. We can provide:






Framing (Interior/ Exterior)



Flooring (Vinyl, Wood, Laminate)

Tiling (Wall/ Floor)

Moulding/ Trim Work

Doors (Interior/ Exterior)




Shutter Installation

Custom Carpentry

Deck Board Replacement (Wood/ Composite)

Outdoor Shower Stalls


Landscaping Services


...and more!


Assembly & Installation

Today, there are many manufacturers that provide products that need to be put together.


This allows companies to save warehouse and freight space.


However, the end product is dependent upon the ability of the consumer to follow their instructions and competently install their provided, necessary hardware.


It is important to realize that several items requiring assembly have safety risks if not installed properly. Items like bunk beds or gym equipment for example, must be assemble in a manner that will most avoid failure and prevent a serious injury.


Properly assembled product will also extend their life of use. Particularly with moving components, when hardware is installed the right way, there is much less likelihood of wearing out.

What kind of products can we assemble?


From toys to furniture and grills, we can assemble mostly anything.


-Patio furniture (Gazebo's, tables and Chairs)

-Play Sets

-Inside furniture (Wayfair, Ikea, ClosetMaid, Office Furniture, Beds, Dressers, Closet Systems, etc.)

-Barbecue Grills



-And Much More!


What We Install




Andy's Handy Services can safely and properly mount anything needing to be anchored  or secured to the ceiling wall or ground.



Window Treatments, Pictures, Mirrors, and other Miscellaneous items can be secured.


We can also install home theater equipment, home networking equipment, baby proofing items, aging in place items, etc.



TV Mounting

TV Mounting can be accomplished in varying ways.


They can suspend from the ceiling, mount to different wall surfaces or even a self supporting home entertainment unit.


This is a great way to free up often times, limited space. It is also aesthetically pleasing and potentially a better way to protect the device from being bumped and scratched.

When thinking about mounting your next TV, consider the cable management options.


Andy's Handy Services specializes also in cable management.


As we continue our stride to a more wireless world, sometimes we are still bound to a nest of wires to achieve our entertainment needs. Organized, tidy, and secure wiring, can be almost as pleasant as hidden or non-existent wiring.


We would like to encourage you to view our cable management and power options page, located HERE



Andy's Handy Services

Handyman Home Improvements



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NJ H.I.C. # 13VH09060900


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Andy's Handy Services

Handyman Home Improvements



Reach Out



1620 Breakers Drive

Manahawkin, NJ 08050


(732) 644- 6860 (Call or Text)

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