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Our One year Guarantee

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Andy's Handy Services Labor Warranty

     Defects/ failures directly related to labor completed under the scope of work will be guaranteed for 1 year from the date in which an invoice is paid in full. Repairs will be complete within 30-Days from request. Materials specified or supplied by a client are not included with this warranty. For example, if the customer prefers or supplies a certain type of construction adhesive and there's a failure due to this product, then that failure is not covered under this warranty. 

     Work performed under warranty is for the labor from initial "scope of work" listed on the invoice. Damage(s) incurred by the repairs under warranty are fixed at no additional expense to the client. Warranty repair requiring change to initial scope, that incur additional time or any upgrade using additional material is billed to the in addition to the no charge warranty service. Warranty work does not extend the original warranty period. Incomplete payment or separate payment made to a vendor, for any reason, voids warranty. Warranty work is to be performed by the original craftsman, if available. If a Customer or Customer’s contractor modifies work performed by Andy’s Handy Services (or any vendor that is supplied by Andy’s Handy Services) in any way, the warranty is void.