Maintenance and Repairs

NJ Sheetrock Repair

Drywall ('Sheetrock')

This building material is actually quite fragile. A little moisture or a bit blunt force is enough to damage the surface to the extent of requiring repair. 

This is especially true, the thinner it is and is among our most common service requests.
NJ Home Maintenance Handyman

Seasonal Maintenance

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. There's a never ending schedule of tasks that need to be completed throught the year when you own realestate. Enlist some help TODAY, or if you'd like some tips and suggestions; visit HERE.
NJ Door Handyman

Interior Doors

There are several problems that interior doors encounter throughout their service life. 

 Swelling, loose hardware, settling, paint build up, cracking, holes, and material separation affect the function and purpose of a door. 

 For a more in depth look into how we might go about repairing some of these items, check out this page:
NJ Carpentry Repair

Carpentery Repair

-Loose / missing railings
-Deck board replacements
-Cabinet drawers and shelves
-Window sill and trim replacements
-Sublfoor Replacement
-Deck, Fence & Stair Repair

NJ Home Hardware Maintenance Handyman

Hardware Repair

-Loose railings, grab bars, curtain rods, door knobs/ levers, etc.

NJ Tile Handyman

Tile Repair

-Replace loose tiles
-Grout repair and caulking
NJ Window Repair

Window Repair

-Sash cords
-Painted shut
-Weather Stripping
NJ Home Furniture Repair Handyman

Furniture Repair

-Loose railings, grab bars, curtain rods, door knobs/ levers, etc.
-Broken Chair repair

NJ  Handyman

Miscellaneous Repair

-Mailboxes/ posts
-Ceiling Tiles
-Dryer Duct Cleaning
-Concrete/ Masonry Repair
-Pressure Washing/ Painting
-Siding Repair
-Shutter Replacement
NJ Home inspection report

New Jersey Home Inspection Report Repairs

Do you have a list of to-do items from a recent home inspection? We can help, Contact Us today!