Andy's Handy Services
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Handyman & Home Improvement 
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New Jersey
Modify existing contents

Maintenance & Repair

Damaged walls, door problems, broken jambs, faulty windows, loose tiles, dog chewed trim and the like!

Reconfigure with new contents

Improvements & Renovations 

Room renovations: 
Framing, insulating, drywall, flooring, trim work, paint & more!

Put together & install contents

Assembly & Installation

Window treatments, wall decor, indoor/ outdoor furniture and fixtures assembly, hardware changes/ new installations, aging in place items, children's toys/ safety devices.

TV Mounting

That's right!! We also install TV's.

***Please note that we currently do NOT provide TV Repair Services.

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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Andy's Handy Services is committed to providing quality, dependable services. Should the project fail your standards due to a labor related issue, you can be at ease knowing that it WILL be corrected without an issue. It's extremely important to us that you enjoy the space you spend your time or investment in. 


This is a professional, New Jersey based handyman company. Because of this, we remain compliant with the consumer protections set in place by our local government. In addition, we align with the international standards set forth by the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals organization.
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Full Compliance in the State of New Jersey
Andy's Handy Services is covered by a $1,000,000 per occurrence general liability insurance policy. 

We are also a currently valid, registered home improvement contractor. You may check the status of registration at any time, by visiting the state's website here and simply entering Andy's Handy Services under 'Business Name'.
New Jersey Handyman- Professional Association
Andy's Handy Services is a certified lifetime member of an international quality standards organization for the handyman industry. 

The mission of The Association of Certified Handyman Professionals is to continuously improve the handyman industry by educating, and networking, with a focus on building stronger customer relationships. We stand for:
☻Commitment to excellence in our field 
☻Professionalism, honesty, and courteous service 
☻To deliver quality craftsmanship continually satisfying the customer 
☻To understand the customer and their needs 
☻Constructive networking among handyman professionals around the country 
☻Continuous improvement in order to better our relationships with customers

 To learn more, visit their website by clicking the link below, or the logo above.