TV Mounting Options

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Basic TV Mounting

 Above is an example of a basic TV mounting application. There is no power outlet behind the TV and none of the low voltage wires run through the wall. 

 An extension cord or a surge protector with a long cord(recommended), may or may not be required in order to make a power connection. Wiring is simply dressed and plain in-sight. This is also the most economical approach.
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Hidden Wiring Mounting

The example shown above is a TV mounting solution with hidden wires. This type of installation will typically require a power receptacle (outlet) behind the TV and all low voltage cabling (HDMI cables, Coax (cable) wire, etc.) to be in place. 

 ***In New Jersey, only a licensed electrician or the owner of a single family dwelling are permitted install the power receptacle if not already there. It is also unlawful to run the TV power cord or an extension cord through the wall, as this creates a fire hazard.*** 

  *`*`Andy's Handy Services is NOT a licensed electrician service.`*`* 

Wall Mount TV Install

Surface Mount Cabling

Please note that an in-wall solution isn't always possible.(Without having to cut, patch and paint your drywall, that is) 

 There are many homes that have fire-blocks inside the wall making it impossible to install the wiring. They are essentially pieces of 2x4's (or 2x6's, depending on your framing) installed horizontally between the studs of a wall. 

They can mostly be found on walls shared with or above garages and kitchens, but may be elsewhere also. In these instances, a happy medium solution between exposed wiring and hidden wiring is by utilizing surface mounted raceways as depicted above.
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Power Solution

Don't want to install a receptacle yourself or hire an electrician? No problem!! 

 Although we aren't licensed to traditionally install your receptacle, there are alternative power options that we can provide for your TV's. The image above shows one type of solution. 

It is a pre-terminated outlet using in wall rated wiring and is code compliant in most places. It is simply supplied power by an included extension cord of up to 3-feet from an existing power outlet. 

In Reference to the image above, the only parts that are actually visible are the two round receptacles (one behind the TV and the other below it, the vertical portions between the TV and furniture are hidden inside the wall), and an extension cord connect the new lower receptacle to an existing power receptacle. 

TV Mount Options

TV's can be mounted from the ceiling and on the wall. 

When wall mounting, there are 3-types of mounts: Flat, Tilt and Full Motion
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Flat (Picture)

Allows the TV to be mounted and that is it. It's as straight as the wall it is mounted to (like a picture).
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Similiar to Flat, however the TV can be adjusted to angle up and down.
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Full Motion

Allows the TV to extend away from the wall and performs tilt (up and down), swivel (side to side), and rotation (orientation spin) functions.