Spring Home Maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance New Jersey Handyman


-Check, clean, repair/replace window screens
-Inspect first floor window caulk/ scrape and replace if necessary
-Scrape/ sand loose paint, putty, prime and paint
-Repair/ replace loose deck boards and railings
-Check foundation for cracks/ repair
-Turn on outdoor spigots
-Check and replace attic vents & Fans
-Repair patio's and walkways
-Clear gutters and downspouts from debris / Check for fastening  and water diverting issues
-Clean oustide windows, trash cans & Furniture, and pressure wash siding
-Lawn and Garden Maintenance (seeds, mulch, fertilizer, etc.)
-Check for wildlife & instect damage/ repair


-Secure outdoor furniture/ trash cans
-Check for and remove large dead tree branches near structure


-Inspect Electrical connection to structure
-Inspect roof for missing shingles/ replace as necessary
-Inspect siding and flashing/ repair as necessary
-Clean up tree debris

Spring Home Maintenance New Jersey Handyman

Indoor- Appliances

-Replace HVAC Filter
-Clean Baseboard Heat Fins
-Clean/ Replace Range hood/ microwave filter

Indoor- Miscellaneous

-Deep Clean Carpeting
-Patch/ repair drywall
-Touch up paint
-Switch Fan Direction
-Wash walls and ceiling
-Wash Garbage cans