Summer Home Maintenance

Summer Home Maintenance New Jersey Handyman


-Water seal outdoor wood (Porch, Fence, Decking)
-Regular yard maintenance
-Trim trees and bushes from house and AC units
-Inspect/ repair roof
-Clean gutters and downspouts / Replace or install guards


-Secure outdoor furniture/ trash cans
-Check for and remove large dead tree branches near structure


-Inspect Electrical connection to structure
-Inspect roof for missing shingles/ replace as necessary
-Inspect siding and flashing/ repair as necessary
-Clean up tree debris

Summer Home Maintenance New Jersey Handyman

Indoor- Appliances

-Dryer Maintenance (clean lint from inside dryer and from dryer duct)
-Clean Refrigerator Coils
-Replace HVAC Filter
-Flush hot water heater 

Indoor- Kitchen & Bath

-Tighten cabinet knobs, pulls, and hinges /replace if necessary
-Clear/ Clean / Sanitize drains

Indoor- Miscellaneous

-Inspect and clean chimney/ Fireplace
-Inspect crawlspace for moisture issues, wood destroying insects, and animals
-Clean and lubricate garage door track